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Organising A Piano Recital: Choosing The Venue

You can’t hold your piano recital just anywhere. Here’s what to look for when selecting a venue…     Picture this: It’s the day of your studio’s first piano recital. The tickets are sold out, your professionally-printed programs are hot off the press, and your students have been practising for weeks. The standard has been […]

Why Student Performances Are Great For Music Teachers

Live music is a winner all round     Music students enjoy a range of benefits when they have the opportunity to perform. But student performances are also great for piano teachers. Here’s why… (To learn about why music students need performance opportunities, read my last post.) See How Students Perform Under Pressure Perhaps the […]

Why Music Students Need Performance Opportunities

Composers have always intended for their music to be performed live     In the days before we had smart phones, computers, TVs, or radios, a common form of family entertainment was to spend time around the piano performing and singing with one another and with guests. Even today, people will spend hundreds of dollars […]