Organising A Piano Recital: Getting Bums On Seats

Avoid the awkwardness of an empty recital


How To Organise A Piano Recital: Getting Bums On Seats


Performing in front of a big crowd may be a little intimidating for your students, but it’s a whole lot better than performing in front of no crowd.

“Proper” Advertising Vs. Word Of Mouth

If you run a big music studio or school (let’s say with 100+ students), then your recital will require proper advertising. Otherwise, it could be a rather embarrassing flop. To avoid the “flop” outcome, you’ll probably want to advertise your recital with flyers, posters, emails, newsletters, social media advertising, and more.

But if you run a smaller studio, then the good news is that most of this “proper advertising” can be avoided. Instead, it just comes down to getting organised and planning ahead.

Here’s how I do it.

3-4 Months Before The Big Day

About 3 to 4 months before a Le Piano Academy recital, I begin verbally telling my students and their parents a tentative date for the big day. That way, they can begin to plan ahead, and they’ll have the upcoming recital in the back of their minds, which is exactly where you want it at this stage.

If you start telling people any earlier than this, then the date you share is more likely to change, and they’re more likely to forget. Any later, and they may not have time to plan ahead and avoid taking family holidays or being otherwise absent on recital day.

2 Months Before The Big Day

By this stage, your venue should be confirmed, and so should your date. So this is when I print and distribute formal invitations, with ticket costs, and an RSVP date one month out from the recital date. I set the recital date for a month prior so that I have plenty of time to organise appropriate catering.

Now is also the time to design and print your tickets. I prefer professional hardcopy tickets to online booking systems, as it’s more personal. And you can easily get 200 good quality tickets for $30. If you prefer online booking, you can sell tickets with systems such as trybooking. It is easier to manage the money that way. Either way, you should be selling tickets 2 months out from the recital day.

Over The Next Month

Over the next few weeks, continue to remind your students and their parents about the recital, and the RSVP date. You don’t need to be pushy, but people do forget! A friendly reminder will generally be well appreciated.

2 Weeks Before The Big Day

2 weeks before the big day, I personally hand out tickets and other information regarding the days’ events to my students.

2 weeks before is the ideal time for ticket distribution. If you hand out tickets earlier, they’re more likely to be lost, while if you hand them out only a week prior to the recital, students may be absent and not get them on time.

Organising A Recital

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